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An Extreme thank you

Despite an early winter storm with record-breaking snowfall of nearly 8 inches, determined deal-hunters turned out in droves to save hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars.

Shoppers lined up Saturday before 6 a.m. — in the falling snow — drinking coffee served by president Jeff Warner and his niece Meg. After the doors opened at 7, people slapped SOLD tags on anything from a replacement microwave to a full, pro-style kitchen with steam laundry.

Still, the weather slowed our traffic a bit from normal warehouse sale levels, which meant two things:

  1. Fewer cookies eaten by customers and more cookies eaten by those  of us working as cashiers (oops!)
  2. A bunch of discount appliances still need good homes

Even if you were deterred by the weather (or the Vikes) and couldn’t make it out to us this time, you can still help these lonely appliances by taking advantage of the low prices on our leftover inventory. Appliances will be making their way back to our stores, especially our Minneapolis appliance outlet.

Thanks to everyone who made this another successful sale. Everyone in our company pitched in for this, so the appreciation ran deep from our employees to our customers.

On a personal note, I realized once again why this sale is my absolute favorite day to work all year. I met so many of our great customers, who shared their stories and excitement with me — it’s really a treat for me, so thank you 🙂

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Would you buy appliances on line with free shipping?

Free Appliance DeliveryBelieve it or not, more people are buying appliances online. So much so that Warners’ Stellian dedicates sales associates exclusively to inquiries from online shoppers.

We get calls for appliances from New York to San Diego. Of course, we don’t send our crews out to deliver appliances in San Diego, but we do offer free shipping on appliance orders $1,999 and up.

So you can get free shipping (curbside delivery) on most appliance packages. If it’s in stock, you’ll get in within four to eight business days. And we’ll contact you by phone prior to delivery. Qualifying individual products display this  icon (below) on their product page, just in case.

Though this free shipping deal came about recently, we’ve offered free nationwide shipping on vacuums and accessory orders over $50 for a long time.