Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day with Induction Cooking

It’s only two more days until Valentine’s Day! Nothing ushers in the beginnings of spring quite like the season of love. Even in these times of apparent doom and gloom, Americans are planning to spend $15 billion dollars on thier sweethearts this Valentine’s Day. That’s a whole lot of teddy bears, flowers, jewelry, and chocolate to show our affections!

If the selection at your local baker leaves something to be desired, nothing sends that personal touch like preparing your own chocolate delicacies. This year, preparing treats has never been easier with the Electrolux hybrid induction cooktop. Featuring three traditional radiant burners with two induction elements, Electrolux delivers the ultimate in form, style, and function.

 Induction’s rapid heat feature can bring water from room temperature to boiling in as little as 90 seconds, preparing the noodles for your chicken parmigiana quickly and with ease. Electrolux induction cooktop combines power with finesse! The induction burners can reach medium and low temperatures instantaneously, providing a delicate simmer for your chocolate ganache.

Not only does Electrolux make preparing your Valentine’s Day treats a breeze, but cleanup is a snap as well. Because induction only reacts with ferrous iron, any chocolate accidentally spilled over won’t burn onto the surface, resulting in an easy cleanup. Furthermore, pets, small children, and even careless cooks won’t burn themselves as induction elements are cool to the touch!

Even if you have a favorite pan that doesn’t work on induction, there’s no need to cast it aside. Electrolux’s hybrid induction cooktop can still heat up non-ferrous cookware with its traditional radiant elements.

If you’re really looking to wow your beloved this Valentine’s day, and your cooktop just isn’t up to the task, you owe it to yourself to check out the Electrolux induction cooktop. Make this Valentine’s Day the sweetest ever!

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