Stocking stuffer ideas: vacuum bags, anyone?

Many businesses put together gift ideas for the holidays. So, I thought, why shouldn’t Warners’ Stellian?

Who doesn’t want a fridge or an electric range under the tree? Yet, believe it or not,we don’t make it onto many wish lists.

Not one to be left out, I shifted gears to our lower-ticket items — “gifty things” as a co-worker called them — and began brainstorming the holiday promotion to end all promotions:

Won't this look pretty under your tree?

Buy Warners’ Stellian’s employee cookbook, “Cooking Traditions” (of New York Times Bestseller List fame…), get a free out-of-box trim kit!

Give your kids the gift of clean: Stuff their stockings with festive bottles of  stainless steel cleaner!

Moms dream of radiator brush attachments for their vacuums. Isn’t this the year to finally make her dream a reality?

OK, maybe not.

But people say that this year more than ever practical gifts are in vogue. What’s more practical than a water filter and high-efficiency laundry detergent, people!

At least by now I have you dreaming of grill accessories. Here’s part of the plan where I close the deal: You can get them for free!

All you have to do is buy gift cards — maybe for new homeowners to use toward the purchase of appliances to updating their kitchen or for parents that could use a new fridge with more space.

For every $100 of gift certificates you buy, we give you $10 back to use for yourself (so you can get that Dishwasher Magic that’s been on your list).

Or if your list is more of the “wine coolers and grills” sort, we sell wine coolers and grills.

If you're into that sort of thing, here's the Holland Grill Companion Gas Grill ($250) and Avanti 16 Bottle Wine Cooler ($150). I'm more of cooktop cleaner girl, myself.
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