Sneak a peek at what’s at our warehouse sale (PHOTOS)

A view of our warehouse sale showfloor from atop a dishwasher. Click to view more photos posted on our Facebook page.

Against my better judgment, I just walked the showfloor of our Extreme Warehouse Sale, starting this Saturday at 7 a.m.

I say that because when I see all the pretty, shiny appliances going for WAY less than they should, I can’t help but start shopping. (Don’t worry, I didn’t actually buy anything.)

So I kept busy by snapping photos:

Ovens and a view from the other side of the warehouse. Click for more photos posted to our Facebook page.
And there’s lots more fridges where these came from. Click for more photos.

We’ve developed a talent for gently picking up jaws that have dropped after walking into our warehouse. I guess it looks unassuming from the street, but it’s massive. And every year, we bring more inventory and stretch the boundaries farther.

See all “sneak peek” photos on our Facebook page. What’s that? You don’t Like us yet. Shame on you…

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