Press to Impress with the Miele Rotary Iron

In my years of sales, I have yet to encounter a customer who didn’t enjoy crisp, freshly ironed clothes. But while large numbers of families have hopped on board and upgraded their laundry to include all the modern innovations that enhance cleaning, capacity, and convenience, many of us hold our irons with a level of regard usually reserved for a barrel of uranium – something toxic that should avoid human touch at all cost. Considering the repetitive stress motions that go into ironing and the overwhelming amount of clothes our families generate, it’s easy to understand the average American’s aversion to the household iron.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just as the inconvenience of running our clothes through a wringer washer gave birth to the laundry industry we know and love today, manufacturers have brought ironing into the 21st century as well. The Miele B890 Rotary Iron combines ease of use, speed of operation, and quality of performance in a way that will revolutionize the way you think about ironing and relegate your old iron to paperweight status.

Miele Rotary Mangle IronOperation couldn’t be simpler. Turn a dial to set the temperature based on fabric. Feed your clothing into the iron and step on the “gas pedal” to initiate the ironing process. This pedal controls the speed of ironing process. Guide the clothes through the roller, and remove them from the other end. Congratulations! You successfully pressed your shirt in a fraction of the time it used to take with a crisp, clean finish unknown to your previous ironing experiences.

The Miele Rotary Iron is beneficial in that ironing takes much less time. Quickly ironing your family’s load of permanent press takes minutes rather than hours. Its large surface area generates a more consistent press with better wrinkle removal. It also removes the physical wear and tear caused by the repetitive stress motions of traditional ironing.

Miele Rotary Mangle IronYour clothes won’t be the only beneficiaries of a Miele Rotary Iron purchase. Pressing table cloths, napkins, quilts, bed linens, and pillowcases has never been easier! Not only that, the Miele Rotary Iron quickly folds up for convenient, space-saving storage.

One of the oldest appliance companies in the world, Miele’s commitment to quality clothes care stands alone in the industry. The perfect complement to Miele’s Honeycomb laundry, Miele’s Rotary Iron can add convenience and performance to your life in a way you never thought possible.

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