Chill Out with Perlick Bar Refrigerators

If there’s one thing that the Cheers gang taught us, there’s something comforting about a place where everybody knows your name. There’s nothing that quite replicates lounging with the locals at the neighborhood tavern, bathing in the glow of neon signs and flat screen televisions. In order to recreate these havens of camaraderie, many Americans have undertaken that quintessential home improvement project of converting their basement or spare room into a wet bar.

Perlick Bar Refrigerators

Very little of our products at Warners’ Stellian quite replicate the authenticity of the bar experience like the line of under counter refrigeration from Perlick. Founded in 1917 out of Milwaukee, what started as a brass and battery terminal manufacturer is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. Perlick refrigeration is a staple in hotels, bars, restaurants, stadiums, and now, your own wet bar!

The Perlick story begins with the strength of its exclusive variable speed 995-1985 BTU compressor. With twice as much power as its nearest competitor, Perlick is able to reach temperature quicker than comparable models. Because of its variable speed design, the compressor runs only when necessary, resulting in the quietest, most energy efficient operation in the industry.

Perlick refrigeration features commercial grade stainless steel interiors. In addition to its rugged construction and industrial appearance, stainless steel walls retain temperatures better, ensuring a superior cooling environment. In addition, Perlick units feature full extension vinyl racking. Each shelf is capable of supporting 75 pounds of weight,  and can be fully extended from the refrigerator compartment for maximum accessibility.

The best part is that no matter your wet bar needs, Perlick manufactures a model to fit. Beverage cooling, wine storage, keg tapper, ice maker, and refrigerated drawers are only the beginning of your choices, all of which feature Perlick’s commercial grade construction and design. Many models can be ordered as conjoined 48” or 72” wide units for the complete bar station. If you’re looking to complete your own little place where everybody knows your name, check out the line of Perlick refrigeration at Warners’ Stellian!

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