Outdoor kitchen ideas and photos

I’ve nearly given up on finding someone here in Minnesota who will send me photos of their outdoor kitchen to share (anyone?), and instead headed to one of my favorite design sites, Houzz.com, to lend pictorial inspiration.

Here’s a sampling of pictures of different styles of outdoor kitchen and living spaces from around the country:

Anna Marie Lewis traditional patio

bridlepath cabana modern pool
Derviss Design traditional patio
BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen contemporary landscape
Crosby Residence contemporary porch
Dining Space contemporary landscape
Anna Marie Lewis traditional patio
Outdoor Living with Water Gardens traditional landscape
Dena Brody eclectic patio

Dena Brody eclectic patio

Lorraine Vale traditional kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen/Loggia traditional patio
Outdoor Kitchen modern exterior
EC3 mediterranean patio
Portland Landscaping Overlook contemporary patio

Portland Landscaping Outdoor Living contemporary patio
Old World Custom Home mediterranean kitchen
Outdoor Kitchens traditional landscape

3 thoughts on “Outdoor kitchen ideas and photos

  1. Definitely drool worthy. An not one giant Minnesota mosquito in those beautiful pictures. They are all looming off camera 🙂 Just kidding. An outside kitchen and patio is such a heavenly idea. I’d love it! Thanks for sharing the great photos!!

    1. That must be why I can’t seem to find more pictures locally of outdoor kitchens — all the mosquitoes!

  2. Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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