Our Extreme gratitude

Thank you to everyone who made our Fall 2011 Extreme Warehouse Sale a success.

It's always a mad rush for the pro ranges.

We had thousands through our St. Paul warehouse doors on Saturday and Sunday (we counted nearly 2,500 “shopping groups,” as people make purchases as households, not individuals most the time).

Founder Jim Warner (left) chats with current Warners' Stellian employees.

My grandpa, Jim Warner, the retired founder of Warners’ Stellian even got out on the floor to sell a few appliances again. When I asked him how many he sold, he answered, “I don’t sell, I just hand it off to someone else.”

And then, in his usual style, told us one man pointed at a product and asked, “What’s this thing?” And grandpa answered, “Darned if I know.” He’s hilarious, and we were all really happy to have him out to the sale.

These happy customers asked for their photo post-buying agreement.

But mostly, it’s a fun two days for our company. It’s an Extreme amount of work, but we never get so many happy customers in one place at one time.

How do we do it? See below:

Wow! Quite the deal on this one.

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Refrigerators from a few hundred to several thousand dollars -- and everything in between.

Thanks again. We’ll see you next year!

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