Nothing to sneeze at

Blog posts seldom turn up right under my nose, literally, until last week.

Because last week , I became an allergy sufferer. I assumed it was a cold because the symptoms were slightly familiar (stuffy nose, sneezing) but realized the itchy, watery eyes belonged to a whole new gift that some develop in adulthood — some like me, apparently.

The only immediate change in my purchasing habits included pills and tissues, but I’m thinking that when I close on my house in May, I’ll be outfitting my house as an allergy-sufferer.

This means humidifiers, air filters and other boring stuff. But it also means some of my favorite things: appliances.

As sad as I was to start sneezing, I realized that I had a really good excuse to invest in a Miele vacuum and a set of steam laundry.

Miele vacuums

Miele's S5981 Capricorn Canister

Lots of vacuums have HEPA filters, but only Miele vacuums have a true Hepa filter (see What HEPA is and why you should care about it).

Miele’s filter conforms to the European standard for filtration, which are much more stringent than U.S. standards.

Miele’s vacuums trap 99.99% of all particles as tiny as 0.3 of a micron.

Plus, I’d rather buy one vacuum to last me 20 years rather than something built to konk out every few years.

Steam laundry

Right now, I use the Electrolux steam laundry pair. It’s phenomenal.

And it’s not too shabby looking, either.

I mostly use the steam dryer to release wrinkles in my clothes.

But steam’s real genius comes from its sanitizing power.

In fact, LG’s steam laundry pair was certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America — the first to gain the certification.

LG’s Allergiene cycle removes 95 percent of common allergens such as dust mites and pet dander, even from delicate fabrics. Steam allows the washer to quickly reach temperatures high enough to kill off these allergens without adding extra hot water to the cycle, which could damage fabrics.

Imagine the difference of washing your sheets every week in one of those?

And the TrueSteam dryer has a SteamSanitary™ cycle NSF certified to kill 99.3% of the common infectious bacteria, for everything you own that can’t wash. I’d love to stick my head in there right about now, in fact 🙂

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