Microwave with Pizza Oven = Best Grad Gift Ever

Despite my personality, I managed to be one of the most popular girls in my dorm’s wing during my freshman year of college.


A microwave. But this was no ordinary microwave, which every Megan, Katie and Laura owned. My microwave had a toaster built in.

Just another perk of being appliance retail royalty. (And my very first Warners' Stellian purchase; I've since given it away, unfortunately)

And toasters, as you may our may not know, belong in the can’t-have-in-a-dorm-room category. So you can imagine my novelty among the carb-happy set.

LG since discontinued that microwave, clearly to make room for a countertop appliance that would change college life forever.

A microwave that can support the other thing besides ramen that college students eat: pizza.

The LG LCSP1110ST includes a 1400-watt pizza oven below its microwave cavity capable of baking the frozen staple as well as other nutritious goods like frozen french fries and cookies.

And the LCSP1110 is really just a countertop microwave in its essence, so your treat-making should operate sans censure.

Can you say best graduation gift ever?

Don’t worry about trusting your grad with an oven, either. This LG microwave’s AUTO PIZZA function takes all the thinking guesswork out:

Four pizza bake functions are preset in the oven. The AUTO PIZZA feature automatically selects the best cooking method and time for various pizza types. The cooking guide shows which AUTO PIZZA function is recommended for the the pizza you are cooking.

A regular-crust frozen pizza bakes in only 15 minutes in the pizza oven. That’s faster than delivery, or even taking the stairs down to the dining hall.

Anyone who says you can’t buy friends didn’t dangle the right carrot, er, pizza. And this one’s a steal in my opinion at $200.

3 thoughts on “Microwave with Pizza Oven = Best Grad Gift Ever

  1. This is very cool, I would wonder if there can be dual purposes for microwaves and ovens. It is the closest it can get, but more geared towards only bagels/bread and pizza. Do you think there will be a large enough market for this?

    1. I guess we’ll see whether the market is large enough. I hadn’t seen anything about it till I saw it on the shelf at one of our stores. I personally wouldn’t buy it because a) I have an over-the-range microwave already and b) I don’t eat frozen pizza…anymore 🙂

      Microwaves that function as ovens (convection microwaves) have existed for years now with great success, but they are usually pricier; we sell this microwave for $200.

      1. Hmmm interesting. That’s true the price is a lot lower compared to a standard microwave. I just found this cute and had always wondered if there would ever be a 2 in 1 (such as the one above).

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