LG Introduces NEW Ice & Water Dispensing French Door Refrigerator

When I woke up this morning at 6 am, the mercury read twenty one degrees below zero. Starting my car, I heard a series of putt-putt-putts you would hope to only hear on a miniature golf course. The fog of my breath was as thick as clam chowder. There is no doubt about it. We are in the throes of one of the frostiest Minnesota winters in recent memory!

While I much prefer the balmy warmth of a roaring fire, once place I definitely don’t mind chilly temperatures are in my refrigerator and freezer. If your refrigerator could stand a much-needed update, check out the new ice & water dispensing LG French door refrigerator, model LFX23961ST.

LG, a leader in French door refrigeration, offers the industry’s tallest dispenser at 12” in height, for those extra big gulp glasses. The exclusive SpacePlus™ design relocates the ice system to the door for unobstructed refrigerator usage.

Not sure on how you want it to look? That’s okay. LG offers you a choice of smooth black, white, or stainless steel in 23 and 25 cubic foot. Cabinet depth is available (stainless steel only) for a recessed installation. Certain models will afford the choice between one and two pullout freezer drawers, depending on which layout suits your needs best. Not only that, all LG French door refrigerators are Energy Star rated, and use Cyclopentane – an environmentally friendly material, for insulation.

Best of all, from now until January 25th, LG French door dispensing refrigerators are on sale from $100 to $200 off! Whether planning the remodel of your dreams, or simply replacing a tired old fridge, we’ve got you covered. Stop into any one of Warners’ Stellian seven locations and experience for yourself the ease and convenience of LG!

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