Italian Tradition and Craftsmanship with Bertazzoni Ranges

The fine art of Italian cuisine has unfortunately for most Americans been reduced to low cost pizza delivery. As a culture, we are more familiar with stuffed crust than we are with the graceful yet striking taste of pesto. Nevertheless, few countries’ heritage is as rooted in fine culinary traditions quite as much as Italy.

No longer need you be a master of basil, oregano, and other herbs to bring a touch of Italy into your kitchen. Warners’ Stellian is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Bertazzoni ranges in the Midwest! With origins in fine wood burning stoves dating back over 120 years, the name Bertazzoni has become synonymous with exceptional cooking.

Bertazzoni ranges have durable and stylish stainless steel construction. Continuous grates allow the user to easily slide pots and pans from the robust 15,000 BTU Triple Ring power burner to the feathery 750 BTU simmering burner. Dual valve controls separately control the flames for high efficiency power, perfectly preparing rich and creamy Alfredo sauce.

Bertazzoni’s balanced air-flow convection system evens out the hot and cold spots throughout the oven cavity, ensuring that your garlic rolls are prepared with consistency and accuracy. Optional telescoping glide racks allow you to easily extract dishes for basting and handling.

Your garden is no longer the only place in your home for dazzling color.  Bertazzoni manufactures a full palette of custom  colors for those with a passion for kitchen design. The 36” X36GGVVI gas range in Vino adds a soft touch of burgundy reminiscent of a lush Chianti wine. In contrast, the H366GVNE Heritage gas range with its riveted trim and solid metal knobs is the perfect addition into a traditional kitchen design.

Trying to get the most space out of a small kitchen? The shallow counter-depth construction of Bertazzoni gas ranges has a smaller footprint than most comparable models, adding much needed space to lofts, condos, and other small kitchen designs.

You don’t need to pack up and move to Tuscany to experience rich Italian culture. Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or simply replacing a worn out range, Warners’ Stellian and Bertazzoni can bring a touch of Italian passion and cuisine to the comfort of your very own home.

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