Induction cooktops work like a gas cooktop, using electric power

Induction burners heat only magnetic surfaces (like cookware) and nothing else.

While visiting a home in my neighborhood on the Minneapolis – St. Paul Home Tour yesterday, a tour representative said this homeowner’s renovation included switching from an electric stove to a gas stove and how much the representative wished she had a gas stove top in her own home.

“Well, what about induction?” I asked her.

It’s no longer just a choice between gas or electric stoves; homeowners with electric hookups can enjoy all the power of gas plus more responsiveness.

What do you lose with induction? All the wasteful energy loss. Cooking with induction is 70% more efficient than gas and 20% more efficient than electric.

Clean up is easier than smooth top gas ranges because spills don’t burn onto the surface. You can stick a hundred-dollar bill between an induction burner element and a pot of boiling water without worry

Why? Induction burners only heat magnetic surfaces (so you’ll know if your pots and pans are compatible if a magnet sticks to the bottom!), which also make induction cooktops popular choices for kid- and pet-safe kitchens.

Due to its recent rise in popularity (induction has been around since the ’70s but only took off recently), brands now make induction ranges in addition to induction cooktops.

More chefs and gourmet cooks are choosing induction; we put a Thermador induction cooktop in Midtown Global Market’s Kitchen in the Market just this year. I can’t wait to see more people delight in the ability to cook like they’re using gas without the cost and hassle of switching from electric.

3 thoughts on “Induction cooktops work like a gas cooktop, using electric power

  1. The type of appliances installed in a home can be a huge selling point for perspective buyers. We build homes for a living and recently went to a meeting at one of appliance vendor’s showroom. They were introducing a new product line of commercial grade appliances featuring induction cook tops and hired some of the area’s top rated chiefs to demonstrate how the appliances work. After the demonstration they went over sales figures and showed that trends for upper end appliances were increasing due to the popularity of cooking shows. We agreed with the sales figures because many of our upper end homebuyers have been consistently requesting high-end commercial grade appliances installed in their homes. Long story short, invest in upper end appliances!

  2. I can’t wait either – I find myself cringing a bit now when people want to put a huge honking stainless steel gas range in a new kitchen. I’m sure it won’t be long ’till they seem hopelesly old-fashioned

    1. That’s just America, though, I think 🙂

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