I’ll be ‘freezin’ at the Securian Half Marathon

So, back a couple of months ago, I heard about a the Securian Half Marathon during the first Saturday of the St. Paul Winter Carnival.

I’d seen pictures of great marathon costumes and thought,  “How funny would it be to run in a freezer costume? Get it?

(I work for an appliance company + It’s cold out = I’m “freezin”)

I’ve been training since November, and I’ll fully confident in my ability to complete the race (though not as quickly as many others, I’m sure), but I’m still not totally ready.

My freezer costume, as of 9 this morning.

One calendar event leads to another, and I’m left making my costume the day before.

I don’t know how realistic-freezer this thing will look, but I know I work best under pressure.

And I know that if you want a laugh, stand down on Shepard Road tomorrow morning and look for the girl running in cardboard, white felt and a gigantic smile 🙂

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