HOW TO: get an appliance stimulus rebate

Get ready…

We think the rebates will go quickly...

The rebate reservation system for Minnesota’s Trade In & Save Program (aka Cash for Appliances/Appliance Stimulus) opens in less than a week!

I’ve compiled this “how to” guide with official info and my own words to help you through the process. Please read it in its entirety to minimize confusion.

1. Beginning 8 a.m. Monday, March 1, reserve a rebate by completing the online application form at or by calling the program’s toll-free number at 1-877-230-9119.

Reservations can be made for one appliance only. Reservations will only be taken for categories (refrigerator, clothes washer, dishwasher or freezer only) with funds still available or if the wait list is open for reservations.

There are only about 11,000 refrigerator rebates; 6,000 rebates each for washers and dishwashers; and 2,000 rebates available for freezers.

2. Print the online application confirmation page. You will need to mail this page after you have completed your purchase with all supporting documents. Phone applicants will receive the application confirmation page by mail.

3. Purchase an eligible ENERGY STAR qualified appliance (browse our selection online, though we carry more than we display online) to replace an existing appliance from a Minnesota retail location. You don’t need to wait to receive your application by mail if you reserved a rebate by phone. You don’t need to bring in your forms at all, actually. Online purchases and purchases made before March 1, 2010 will be disqualified.*

*Our suggestion: shop now. Head to one of our 7 stores (see store locations & contact info) and our sales staff will help you choose the best eligible ENERGY STAR product for your needs and will put what we call a “quote” in our computer system with your product selection and personal information. This is not a purchase, as we’ve taken no payment. If you get your rebate reservation, all you have to do is call your salesperson with your credit card number and schedule delivery.

We anticipate a flood of calls and store visits beginning March 1, so this will hopefully speed up the process for you. We appreciate your patience throughout this process.

4. We will help you arrange to either pick up your appliances or get them delivered (delivery is free to customers in the Twin Cities metro area with a minimum purchase of $499; delivery is free after mail-in rebate to customers in the Rochester area with a minimum purchase of $499) and properly recycle the replaced appliance.

You will receive with your application from the state a “Proof of Demanufacturing” form if you are replacing a refrigerator or freezer. Our delivery crew will sign that when they take away your old appliance. You must submit that form for the increased rebate amounts ($200 for a refrigerator and $100 for a freezer; rebate amounts are half that without “Proof of Demanufacturing” because the state doesn’t want people keeping these units in use).

5. Fill out the submission form completely and make a copy for your records.

6. Mail the required materials within 30 days of the online or phone reservation.

Approved applicants will be receive by mail a rebate check to their residential address, with no exceptions. PO Boxes are not accepted. Rebates are not allowed for commercial endeavors, including owner-occupied rental properties.

Additional incentives

The state rebate can be combined with offers from Warners’ Stellian, manufacturers, utilities, and municipalities.

Warners’ Stellian will be offering an instant $25 rebate on all products eligible for this program, as well as exclusive manufacturers’ rebates.

Combined with possible incentives from your utility (visit this link for specific offers from MN utility companies) and bounty programs (visit this link), the savings can be quite dramatic.

I will take additional questions as much as I am able. Again, we appreciate your patience during this process. We hope that you give us the chance to earn your business.

Good luck!

15 thoughts on “HOW TO: get an appliance stimulus rebate

  1. I would like a appliance rebate to purchase a new washing machine, mine is 15 years old. How do I get a reservation for a rebate?

  2. Please e-mail a rebbate or how to get one. Thank you.

  3. Please e-mail me the application. Thank you.

  4. Hey Great post just dont get lazy and post again soon:)

  5. Kenneth Wetzler March 1, 2010 — 2:53 pm

    I would like to buy a new enery effient refriferator.

  6. Kenneth Wetzler March 1, 2010 — 2:55 pm

    Put me on the list of for the refrigerator.

  7. Richard J. Stasny March 1, 2010 — 2:58 pm

    How do I find the exact location as tg where I can apply for a rebate on an Energy Star refrigerator?

  8. Kenneth Wetzler March 1, 2010 — 2:59 pm

    Please e mail me the application for the new refigerator.Thank you

  9. Kenneth Wetzler March 1, 2010 — 3:01 pm

    I have not recieved the application yet

  10. rebate for a frig B Hanson

  11. Rebate for A FRIG THANK YOU


  13. A $200 rebate, on top of your $25 discount and other incentives is definitely a decent excuse to trade in that old fridge on a brand spanking new unit that will save you electricity to boot. How effective a stimulant did your promotion, allied to the appliance stimulus programme prove to be? The sales figures must have been rather interesting…

    1. The sales figures certainly were rather interesting, Sheila. Lots of happy people got lots of rebate checks for a new fridge.

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