How to clean stainless appliances without a stainless steel cleaner

(Disclaimer: Just because I know how to clean stainless steel appliances, doesn’t mean I actually do it.)

If you have stainless steel refrigerator like I do (and especially if you have kids), chances are, that refrigerator looks like this:

Cleaning stainless steel appliances is not like cleaning other surfaces, because it’s easy to leave behind streaks from the actual cleaning process itself.

We sell a really good cleaner for stainless steel appliances called Citrushine. I used to use it all the time when I worked at the stores (if you think your kitchen is bad, imagine how much our appliances get touched!).

But sometimes company is coming over — which is about the only time I’ll polish my stainless steel — and you don’t have time to run to the store.

Try baby oil.
Apply with an old towel or rag in small doses so you don’t end up with a greasy refrigerator and wipe with the grain for the shiniest finish.

2 thoughts on “How to clean stainless appliances without a stainless steel cleaner

  1. Kitchenaid trained us to use baby oil on stainless. Since then, I’ve encountered two problems with baby oil. The obvious one is the fragrance is more nursery orientated than kitchen. The other, once bably oil is used you need to stick with it. The mineral oil base causes other cleaners to beadup just like a waxed surface causes water to bead which can cause streaking. Citrushine is “green” containing no harmful chemicals and gives a light cirtus-like aroma to the kitchen. Citrushine also makes an excellent “green” cleaner for electric/induction range, cooktops and all ovens.

  2. Cleaning stainless steel fridges is easiest with hot water and some dishwasher liquid soap. Baby oil will be hard to remove if your not satisfied afterwards

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