Have you hung up your grilling tools yet?

My favorite 2011 grilling momentwas doughnuts with my aunt Carla Warner for "Twin Cities Live" reporter Emily Engberg.

Right now in Minnesota, we’re experiencing quite the Indian summer — which is awesome considering 2011 cheated us on spring.

So maybe you’re still grilling.

(Select hardy Minnesotans enjoy firing up their Big Green Eggs in the winter, God bless them.)

Or maybe the beautiful weather simply makes your fall chores more enjoyable.

One of my fall chores this weekend is retiring my gas grill.

Our King of the BBQ Stu Glock helped me out last fall with proper storage tips, including NOT storing the LP tank in the garage.

>> You can see all of Stu’s winter grill storage tips here

3 thoughts on “Have you hung up your grilling tools yet?

  1. Up in Toronto, we also did not get a nice spring and we are enjoying the Indian Summer as well. What a blessing it is. Thank you for sharing the tips for BBQ storage, and yep keep the LP tank out of the garage. I think I will use my BBQ a bit longer until the honeymoon ends, meaning beautiful weather.

  2. I think that’s true for Texas and perhaps the rest of North America. We’re getting our grill ready right now, perfect timing. =)

  3. Still grilling strong here, but I’m way down in Florida! It still feels like summer here, and likely will for at least another month.

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