Exclusive January Savings on Frigidaire Professional Series Kitchen

If you’re anything like me, you’d probably agree that it’s been a particularly tough season for us Minnesotans who are adverse to annual snow shoveling. After a long, hard day of work the last thing I want to do is shovel. But nonetheless, Old Man Winter has seen fit to dust the sidewalks with a lustrous coat of snowfall several times a week before allowing me to retire with my family for the evening.

While this January might require that you spend more time with shovels and snow blowers than you consider ideal, it’s also Frigidaire month at Warners’ Stellian, and a great time to upgrade the kitchen appliances and make your life more convenient!

Imagine, a new side by side refrigerator with chilled and filtered ice and water on demand! How about a new range with a lower drawer that can bake independently of the main oven? Or a dishwasher so quiet your family will think that you skipped out on your fair share of chores! Not to mention all of these appliances can add a touch of carefree elegance to your kitchen with its patented EasyCare Stainless Steel finishes!

Now through January 31st, Warners’ Stellian customers can save as much as $585 after exclusive savings and mail-in rebates. What a deal! We may not be able to repel the chills and chores of a frosty Minnesota Winter, but Frigidaire and Warners’ Stellian can make the rest of your life just a little bit easier!  

Download Frigidaire Professional Series Rebate

Download Warners’ Stellian Exclusive Frigidaire Rebate

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