Dishwasher tips and troubleshooting from Angela Warner on KARE 11

Do you really know how to use your dishwasher?

Earlier this month, in-house dishwasher whisperer Angela Warner visited the KARE 11 studios to share some dishwasher DOs & DON’Ts.

Like the picture shows, people often don’t use the right amount of soap. There’s also a trick with your faucet that I swear by.

>>Watch the video


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1 thought on “Dishwasher tips and troubleshooting from Angela Warner on KARE 11

  1. Once again, Warner’s Stellian in the community. The dishwasher segment on KARE-11 was well done by Angela.

    Also want to commend and thank Warner’s Stellian for sponsoring all the Minnesota State High School League (MSHL) championship events on “45”. Your continuing commitment to serving the community and high school athletics goes a long way to promote “Your Hometown Appliance Dealer!”

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