Celebrate Your Independents: It’s not a typo; it’s a movement

I’ve already received two messages since we started running commercials encouraging viewers to “Celebrate Your Independents.”

That is — of course — because the Fourth of July is Independence Day, not Independents Day.

(God love these people; these are my people. I commonly contact businesses to bring their attention to possible errors [though I generally do it with a large dose of sensitivity as I am keenly aware that fellow local businesses squeak by on fewer resources than their national counterparts].)

But we aren’t asking you to buy from us because it’s July 4 on Monday. We want you to understand the value of independent businesses, so we’re participating in the Celebrate Your Independents promotion.

During the month of July, select local, independent retailers and restaurants have teamed up to provide money-saving offers and a chance to win $1,250 in gift cards in exchange for your support and your ear. We want you to know the importance of buying local!

Multiple studies have shown that dollars spent at local, independent businesses generates at least three times more direct local economic benefit a dollars spent at absentee-owned chain businesses. Plus, these are the retailers, restaurants and service providers that lend support to your childrens’ schools, your places of worship and our neediest nonprofits because it’s their communities, too.

So among all the picnics and patriotism of this holiday weekend, take care to Celebrate Your Independents, as well.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Independents: It’s not a typo; it’s a movement

  1. What a terrific post! It’s very common to say buy local. You have gone above and beyond explaining why it makes a difference in the local community when the money spent on goods and services stays within the community.

    1. Well, thank you! The Twin Cities is blessed to have many unique communities while maintaining economic strength — and it’s due to our citizens supporting local, independent businesses and allowing them to thrive.

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