Celebrate Cast Iron Cooking with Vermont Castings Grills

We’ve all experienced the casualties of an ineffective gas grill. Burgers which thanks to inconsistent temperatures require more flipping than an Olympics gymnastics routine. Sometimes, our grills suffer from flareups so pervasive they remind us more of Mount Vesuvius than an outdoor cooking appliance. If your grill is delivering steaks that have more in common with a hockey puck than edible food, it may be time to investigate this year’s lineup of gas grills at Warners’ Stellian!

With origins in the cold climates of Canada, Vermont Castings grills have become one of the most popular choices for those with an appetite for controlling flareups, consistent temperatures, and tasty barbecue. Vermont Castings have recessed burners which help to ensure even heating no matter where on the cook surface your food is located. Searing plates deflect juices away from the burners to minimize and control flareups.

The most distinctive feature of Vermont Castings grills are the enamel coated cast iron cooking grates. Cast iron offers the greatest heat retention of any cook surface in the industry. The temperature of most cooking grates is reduced when it comes into direct contact with food. This is why when you flip a burger the second side takes longer than the first. Because of its heat retaining properties, cast iron cooking grates are more resistant to changes in temperature and deliver the most consistent grilling performance.

When it comes to the little touches that enhance the grilling experience, Vermont Castings delivers the goods. Side burners capably prepare side dishes and keep food warm until it’s ready to be served. Sliding drawers provide convenient storage and easy access to propane tanks. Rotisserie models include a rear infrared burner that makes kabobs and spit chicken preparation consistently even and delicious.

The best part is that no matter your application and size requirements, Vermont Castings has a model for you. Vermont Castings offers three, four, even five burner models in both propane and natural gas. Bargain hunters would do well to check out the closeout blue VCS3006 (limited availability) three burner gas grill. Come to Warners’ Stellian today and experience the superior performance and Canadian heritage of Vermont Castings gas grills.

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