Sneak a peek at what’s at our warehouse sale (PHOTOS)

A view of our warehouse sale showfloor from atop a dishwasher. Click to view more photos posted on our Facebook page.

Against my better judgment, I just walked the showfloor of our Extreme Warehouse Sale, starting this Saturday at 7 a.m.

I say that because when I see all the pretty, shiny appliances going for WAY less than they should, I can’t help but start shopping. (Don’t worry, I didn’t actually buy anything.)

So I kept busy by snapping photos:

Ovens and a view from the other side of the warehouse. Click for more photos posted to our Facebook page.
And there’s lots more fridges where these came from. Click for more photos.

We’ve developed a talent for gently picking up jaws that have dropped after walking into our warehouse. I guess it looks unassuming from the street, but it’s massive. And every year, we bring more inventory and stretch the boundaries farther.

See all “sneak peek” photos on our Facebook page. What’s that? You don’t Like us yet. Shame on you…


HOW TO: Shop the Warners’ Stellian Warehouse Sale like a pro

OK, so it’s now the fourth time I’ve used this blog, but why reinvent the wheel? These tips remain relevant for the Warners’ Stellian Extreme Warehouse Sale 2011. Measure twice and cut once, people.


What is it with us Midwesterners and our deal-bragging? You know: upon receiving a compliment we gloat about the gasp-worthy low price we got it for, unsolicited. Perhaps it’s because we fancy ourselves pro deal hunters.

But our Extreme Warehouse Sale 2011 this Saturday and Sunday is no Macy’s clearance rack. I’m talkin’ big-ticket items at huge discounts: you need to prepare a bit. The savings are so hot, all sales are final.

Luckily for you, I’ve compiled the secrets of the pros — tips that will prepare any appliance rookie for the big league.

Before the sale


Don’t be a fool; Use this tool.

Measure your space
Don’t learn the hard way: there is no “standard” in appliance sizes. Use a measuring tape on the available space — not the existing appliance — and write down dimensions to bring to the sale.

Also — and this is HUGE — measure the width of the doorways and staircases the appliance will need to travel through. Some door frames can be removed, but it’s often that someone buys a washer only to find it doesn’t fit down her narrow basement staircase.

Know your fuel type
This might seem obvious if you’re buying a cooking appliance like a range or cooktop (is it flat, coiled or does it have grates? Duh.). But you should double-check whether you have a gas or electric hookup when buying a dryer or oven.

Once you know you use gas, don’t stop there. The appliance gas valves are different for liquid propane (LP) and natural gas, so if you don’t know and guess incorrectly, you will need a service call for us to convert the valve before you can use your dryer or range properly. And because we’re Extremely (pardon the pun) backed up after the sale, you could be waiting longer than you like.

Consider your hinges
For example, some refrigerators on sale will be left hinge only. Wouldn’t it be terrible to find a great deal on a fridge only to get it home and not be able to open it? Also know what side you want the hinges on a front-load washer and any type of dryer, in case there’s an option.

Do some research
We’ll have more than 2,000 appliances available at the start of the sale, so have something in mind to avoid frustration. The best tip? Know what you like and don’t like about your existing model. Check out Warners’ Stellian’s website for more ideas on what features are important to you.


The day of the sale

744336_pick-upBring a hauling vehicle
Usually, we offer free delivery on purchases $499 and above, but this sale is anything but usual. Our warehouse is full of products, so we encourage customers to take their purchases with them the day of (or the day after) the sale. We’ll help you load it up and everything.

If you do choose to have it delivered, it’s $75 and you must take delivery within 30 days.

Know your schedule
We’ll arrange for delivery and any installation for built-in appliances (available for additional charges) at the time of sale.

We’ll call you the day before the delivery with an AM/PM estimate and our crew can call you before they arrive if you need to meet them at your house.

We do everything we can to keep the warehouse safe and the process efficient for our customers. Help us out!Pack a stroller
Our warehouse is a warehouse. It’s clean and safe, but it’s also big and crowded and without a play area. Strollers work well to keep small children nearby when you’re shopping the selection.

After the sale

Receive delivery/install time estimate
You’ll receive an automated call with an AM/PM estimate the day before your scheduled delivery and/or install.

Apply for rebates
You could qualify for even more savings by rebate. Most rebates will be attached right to the product and the salesperson will send you home with the forms. Once you receive your product, you can fill in the serial number (the delivery crew can help you locate this) on your rebate forms and submit them promptly, as they expire.



Read your manual
Knowing your new product can help you save time and improve the quality of your cooking and cleaning. Stow it somewhere memorable to refer to for troubleshooting and general operation questions.

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Watch ‘Rehab Addict’ tonight on DIY Network

That’s right. Tonight’s the night…

Warners’ Stellian will be featured alongside Nicole Curtis on tonight’s episode of “Rehab Addict” on DIY Network at 9.

Expect drama. Lots of it.

Just kidding, but this is the much-anticipated “kitchen episode,” which — if you’ve seen the finished kitchen — you’d understand why it’s such a big deal!

Here’s the before:

…to give you an idea of how exciting the “after” is. A taste, below:

See more about our journey with this project


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    The 10 best posts of 2010

    Basically, the sexiest, can’t-stop-reading appliance blog posts of this year, based on page views, in reverse order. Enjoy:

    10. Refrigerator temperature: What temperature should a refrigerator be set at?

    If you think I’m going to tell you this one without making you jump, you don’t read this blog enough.

    To ensure proper temperatures, air has to be able to flow between the refrigerator and freezer sections.

    9. Outdoor kitchen ideas: Part 1

    Certified Kitchen Designer Susan Serra guest blogged about big picture considerations for outdoor kitchens.

    Stop sneaking into my backyard and taking pictures, everyone!

    8. Liebherr cigar humidor blows no smoke

    Can’t find this specialty item anywhere else in Minnesota, as far as I know. Very distinctive…and popular on the interwebs, apparently.

    7. Outdoor kitchen ideas: Part 2

    I round up some of my outdoor kitchen product picks.

    Denial: it ain't just a river in Africa. It's an outdoor barbecue in St. Paul in October 🙂

    6. Warners’ Stellian Warehouse Sale: It’s baa-ack…

    I guess people like the warehouse sale as much as I do.

    5. Should you put aluminum foil in the oven?

    I dunno…should you?

    4. Dishwasher troubleshooting: Dishwasher leaving white film on glasses

    So, this topic pretty much exploded after many states banned phosphates in their detergents, prompting even the New York Times to weigh in.

    It's all your fault. Seriously.

    3. HOW TO: get an appliance stimulus rebate

    Ah, the stimulus. I will always remember it fondly. Preparing for months for what lasted about 25 hours. I have say, we were pretty much right in everything we predicted. So if you were listening to us, you were probably in good shape.

    We predicted the rebates would go quickly. As usual, we were right 😉

    2. HOW TO:  Shop the Warners’ Stellian Warehouse Sale like a pro

    This post contains all my best advice for appliance shopping in general, I think , so it’s relevant for anyone.

    Don't be a fool; Use this tool.

    1. Refrigerator seal & fridge maintenance

    So, views of this post were bolstered by a couple links from Lifehacker (yeah, we’re pretty impressive like that), but c’mon, the Vaseline tip is still pretty sweet.

    Bonus: My two favorite blogs of the year, because I’m self-involved:

    Before Brangelina, there was Stellian

    Insight into what makes my grandpa’s predecessors almost as cool as my grandpa’s, um, postdecessors.

    Did you see that freezer running through St. Paul?

    Because it was awkward and uncomfortable and one of the weirdest things I’ve ever brewed up (that’s saying a lot).

    Thanks for a great 2010. I’m hoping for things to remain flat in 2011, because after last year, that’s still saying a lot 🙂


    What’s your favorite independent?

    In honor of Celebrate Your Independents month, I want to know about your favorite local, independent businesses.

    (See more about Celebrate Your Independents month here and here.)

    My personal favorites are Mama’s Pizza on Rice Street in the North End of St. Paul and Hunt & Gather Antiques on Xerxes in South Minneapolis.

    Whether it’s a mom-and-pop retailer in your neighborhood, a service provider passed down from your parents, or a quirky restaurant you’d drive across town for — what businesses do you support?

    Need inspiration? Check out buylocalmn.com, a directory of independent businesses in the area and product of MetroIBA.

    Cleaning · FAQ · HOW TO · Microwave · Uncategorized

    HOW TO: remove burnt popcorn smell from your microwave

    Burnt popcorn smell lingers in microwaves so badly, an office I worked in banned it from the break room. It’s notorious, but completely removable.

    If your microwave harbors its own dirty Pop Secrets, try this cleaning tip we got from Frigidaire (hat tip to Sarah from our Customer Service Department):

    Microwave Odor Removal

    You’ll need:

    • 1 cup water
    • juice of 1 lemon
    • grated lemon peel
    • several whole cloves

    Combine together in a 2-cup glass measuring cup and boil for several minutes in the microwave on full power. Allow hot mixture to sit in the microwave until cool. Wipe interior with a soft cloth.

    Though this tip wasn’t specifically written for burnt popcorn, I can’t think of much else that smells up a microwave. Help me out in the comments below!