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Kitchen appliance colors 2010

You won’t see color appliances outside white and black in many kitchens, but gee, isn’t it fun to look at pictures to get kitchen color ideas?

I’d pledge my firstborn Le Creuset to someone who could actually produce a photo with this combination of kitchen appliance colors, but for some Friday fun, I assembled a roundup of fall-inspired colored appliances.

Viking Colored Microwave

This little (Viking Pumpkin Colored Microwave) guy’s so festive, I’d like to carve him up and put it on my doorstep.

No, you can’t panel a microwave — and yes, lots of people ask — but Viking Appliances does let you choose among a bunch of colors:

Viking appliance colors
Red Wine never looked so good. (Actually, red wine looks good to me on a regular basis, but it’s still a very attractive range.)

Viking iconic pro-style ranges aren’t the only choice for cooking in colors.

Bertazzoni, an Italian cooking appliance-maker, uses the same paint as car-maker Ferrari to paint its appliances.

(What is it with appliances mixing with automotive design?).

In fact, one of its ranges is even called Ferrari Red.

This Bertazzoni colored range in Wine just seems so cold-weather inspired.

>> See other Bertazzoni range colors

Perhaps Plum is more of a winter color…but I couldn’t resist including a big purple refrigerator.

Back to Viking: Doesn’t your dream kitchen include a built-in colored refrigerator…in plum?

Those not in the high-end appliance market shouldn’t feel left out.

There’s always seasonal dishwasher magnets.

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Friday links: We’re fun, beautiful and cheap (this weekend, at least)!

You only get three links this Friday. I’m saving my energy for writing up orders at tomorrow’s Extreme Warehouse Sale.

‘How dare you call my family member beautiful!’

Tom Barnard and crew at 92-KQRS Morning Show, which apparently we sponsored the other day, referenced past experiences with Mr. Warner (aka my dad) before the conversation inevitably turned to Carla — who is always a good sport. We got a kick out of it, so you might too.

Listen here: WarnerChat-KQ92

Deal Spotter: Weekend sales

After getting a preview tour of our Extreme Warehouse Sale on Wednesday, Star Tribune columnist John Ewoldt included us in his latest blog post. (Notice the $15 off Facebook coupon plug. Actually, don’t just notice it. Go after it!)

Kitchen Design Notes And Experiences

A favorite blogger of mine, kitchen designer Susan Serra, shared real-life scenarios to drive home the fact that you should NEVER stop asking questions during the design process or else…

(“Or else what?”)

Or else you’ll end up with an unreturnable built-in fridge — that’s what!

Friday Links Roundup

Friday links: Battle of the freezers, a shocking recall, slim pickins

Help! Should I Buy a Chest or Upright Freezer?

Another chapter in the epic saga of chest freezers vs. upright freezers. Based on the 23 comments left by readers of the Kitchn, I’d say upright won this battle. I agree. I like seeing all my frozen food at the same time, plus defrosting is a pain.

Samsung Over-the-Range Microwaves Recalled Due to Shock Hazard

We don’t really carry Samsung on our floor, though we can order nearly anything a customer requests, but this is important info to pass along. Hat tip goes to appliance blogger and kitchen designer Peggy Deras.

I have to say, I prefer the slightly irreverent take of Appliance Advisor.

24″ Ranges

Certified Kitchen Designer Ann Porter’s cracks a subtle funny in her latest blog at KitchAnn Style (“While the choices were once slim, today there are many to choose from”) and cooks up a smorgasbord of small space stoves.

Tips for winterizing your outdoor kitchen

Even if your “outdoor kitchen” consists only of a grill and a cooler, you’ll find some helpful, checklist-type tips (like removing the grates for cleaning and reseasoning the cooking surface) in this guest article by Kalamazoo Kitchens found in Kitchen & Bath Business.

The Secret Life of Your Dishwasher

Have you ever rearranged the dishes in a dishwasher because someone else loaded them “the wrong way”? Rejoice! There’s anal-retentive company; Real Simple created a reference exactly for that misguided someone (re: my boyfriend).

Practical tips on how to arrange casseroles and pots to maintain the stream of water beg to printed out and taped where he that someone will see them.

Hat tip to @cupboardsonline and @saintpetepaul on Twitter.

Did I miss anything?