Update: Rebate website now working – for some…

Update:  According to some reports from commenters here, some e-mails I’ve received and updates on Twitter, it seems that a number of people have gotten through on the website and gotten their rebates.

I also just received an e-mail from the Office of Energy Security, which I’ll include below:

So keep trying online at www.mnappliancerebate.com or by phone at 1-877-230-9119.

Like I keep telling people, it’s like a doorway that thousands are trying to fit through: slowdowns will happen, but eventually people will get through.

Here’s a tip I got from one of the lucky ones who got through today: open up the website in about a dozen windows. Some won’t open, but some will go through. That’s how he got his rebate reservation.

The site, which was expected to launch this morning at 8, was experienced a “tech glitch,” which the Department of Commerce reports might be a “malicious attack” from a third-party site.

My advice: be patient and if you really want one of these rebates, be diligent.

I will update this blog as soon as more information becomes available.

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29 thoughts on “Update: Rebate website now working – for some…

  1. Anybody else pulling out their hair yet, I “almost” made it once in 1 hour of solid calling then I got thru then the state hung up on me as they were “busy” the web site is still down………………..AAHHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Randy, you “almost” made it. wow… this solid 90 minutes of redialing..
    website it still down…

  3. I haven’t even been able to get on the site without an error code, so I’m surprised when people tell me they’ve seen it but that there’s no where to click to reserve a rebate (that’s the tech glitch part).

  4. That is why this is just aggravating you would have thought they would have tested the web site to see if it actually worked before this, the phone is still jammed up and web site is still down. I am not sure the 150.00 off is work all of this aggravation anymore….

  5. I just made it through on the website – try again 🙂

  6. ugh. I finally got through, filled out the form, and then of course it timed out while trying to load the next page (confirmation?)

  7. I finally got through after several partial attempts. I was stuck at the screen where you put in your personal info for a while before the submission button finally worked. The barcode at the very end took some time to load but I finally got it.

  8. hmmm. It must have worked b/c I got an e-mail w/ a web submission ID # thanking me for my participation in the program and saying, “To continue the application process, you must follow the instructions printed on your rebate confirmation page.” But it never loaded so I don’t have one… ??? what a mess

  9. what router did brendan stef and rachel use? mine keeps telling me it is down ..I’m on internet explorer

  10. mozilla firefox. I kept refreshing and hitting “try again” and it finally worked.

  11. After 19 times of typing my information into the site it finally went through and I got my confirmation page printed. I am exhausted!

    1. Way to stick with it. Thanks for letting us know. It’s been really helpful for me today to be able to share your reports of success with all the frustrated callers and e-mailers, so a sincere thanks.

      I hope you’re relaxing, now…

  12. I used Firefox as well. I had IE open in another window and never even saw the site come up in there.

    1. Brenden, Have you gotten through yet? Try opening a dozen windows at a time. Apparently, that’s been working faster for some people.

  13. I’m glad to hear that people are starting to get through on the website. KSTP reported that the Dept of Commerce thinks a “malicious attack” might have been behind the problems.

    Thanks for sharing your stories, regardless, and helping keep everyone updated. I just got an email from a woman who got one online, as well.

  14. typical government….

  15. Finally, after four hours I got my rebate…I used Explorer and just kept refreshing the web site until I made it…Then I had to keep retrying to get to the second page…What a nightmare….It can only happen with the government….

    1. Definitely a headache today. I’ve been refreshing my own page all day and haven’t gotten through, but some friends found success like you.

      Once you get your check and your shiny new appliance, hopefully you can forget all about today 🙂

  16. I also got my rebate…via a friend at work who uses mozilla firefox… I have tried to no avail for 4 hours at my house on internet explorer.. Hope that is helpful…

    If you go to Kare 11 they have a story about the problem. . The govt outsourced this rebate process to what sounds like an independent company .. they are currently trying to add additional bandwith…

    1. I’m so glad you got through! And thanks for sharing your story and the tidbit about KARE 11. They’re reporting that a surge of web traffic from outside of MN took down the site earlier today, but it’s good to know that some like you have been able to reserve a rebate later on.

  17. How horrible. This has taken all day — but finally, just this minute I have completed my rebate reservation. I started at 8am. The bright sunny spots are my new kitchen that is on it’s way and the rebate of course – but that’s become a very distant second. Shame on you, Dept of Commerce — poorly executed website and back-up plan. Thanks for this post Julie — it kept me going to the end.

    1. Cheri! You truly made my day. I sincerely hate to ever hear of customers having bad experiences, but it seems your persistence paid off!

      But, glad to hear about your new kitchen 🙂

      Let me know if you need anything else.

  18. Everything government touches turns to crap. (Ringo Starr)

    2 on phones, 2 at the computer, been trying since 8am!! grrrr

  19. guess all you need to do is b*tch a little on line then you can get through!! Phew, got mine, now off to shop!!! Woo hoo

    1. Go figure, right teri?

      Glad to hear you were successful. Thanks for sharing your story. It helps to know that people are getting through.

  20. for those whining about “typical government”… this actually was a 3rd party PRIVATE contractor called Helgeson Enterprises from White Bear Lake:


  21. WHAT A PAIN……………….I got it too, I never want to do this again I still take issue with .gov, the web site didn’t work well, and trying to call, forget about it, the rule of the 6P’s for this program.

    Good luck and don’t give up!!

  22. Just an fyi for anyone else that had trouble getting the page you needed to print to load but got the confirmation e-mail.

    People who received emails indicating a reservation number but were unable to print a reservation form should call 1-877-230-9119 and request that a form be mailed to them. It is advisable that they wait a few days before doing that.


    I called today, explained what happened, and they said they would be mailing me a copy.

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