Big Green Egg Grill Makes Neighbors Green With Envy

As the cold icy grasp of winter slowly loosens its clutch, receding to our memories, the faded patches of green grass and balmy temperatures herald the long overdue arrival of spring. Just as the robin reappears from its migratory retreat, so to do our grills emerge from the garage, awakening from their wintery slumber.    Few springtime aromas are as welcome as that first whiff of sizzling hamburgers, juicy brats, and charcoal flavor. 

One of the fastest growing and popular selling grills in the industry is known quite simply as the Big Green Egg.  Derived from the an ancient clay cooker called a “kamado,” the Big Green Egg is built from a patented space-age ceramic, which retains moisture and temperature better than any charcoal cooker in the industry!

Most charcoal grills offer three different temperature choices: hot, hotter, and hottest.  The unique daisy wheels spin to regulate interior oxygen and airflow.  This allows you to cook as hot as 800° for quick searing all the way down to 175° for slow cooked pork butt and beef brisket.  The heat retaining ceramic walls when filled with long lasting Big Green Egg natural lump charcoal allow you to cook for more than twenty four hours without needing to replenish the fuel. 

Big Green Egg natural lump charcoal, composed of fine hickories, burns for longer with less leftover ash.  When combined with the exceptional moisture retention of its ceramic construction, the Big Green Egg is able to deliver the most flavorful cooking in the industry, whether you’re grilling meats, fish, vegetables, or even desserts like cookies or pie!

Available in four different sizes, including large and extra large, the Big Green Egg grill is the perfect addition to your outdoor deck or patio.  To complete your grilling experience, Big Green Egg offers a variety of Egg-cessories, including everything from ceramic place setters for indirect cooking to V-racks for ribs.  Let Warners’ Stellian and Big Green Egg make your neighbors green with envy.

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