Bake More with the GE Profile Convection Microwave

Here’s something most of us can relate to: you’re having the family over for the holidays, you’re roasting the turkey away when suddenly you realize  that you forgot to bake the sweet potatoes!  Or, you need that frozen pizza baked quickly, but the old oven is just a little too slow,and you really don’t like how pizza tastes when pulled out of the microwave. How many times have you thought to yourself, “A double oven would be perfect!” but then remind yourself that you can’t remodel your kitchen just to put one in?

If you find yourself yearning for the conveniences of a second oven, or just need to replace your worn-out microwave, you should check out the newly stocked GE PEB1590 Convection Microwave.  Offering all the conveniences of a traditional countertop microwave, this unit features dedicated oven elements inside the cavity for your auxiliary baking needs.

Looking to get that pumpkin pie baking while your main oven fires away at the Thanksgiving turkey?  The spacious 1.5 cubic foot interior can accommodate larger dishes than you’d think!  Frozen pizzas, casseroles, pies, and cookies are just a sampling of the dishes this oven can prepare.  Not only that, the 1,000 watts of microwaving power makes quick work of reheating coffee, warming leftovers, and cooking microwave popcorn to perfection.

Like the idea but a little short on countertop space? GE offers a trim kit that allows you to build the microwave into a 24” deep cabinet to save countertop space and provide a built-in appearance.  Not only that, the GE PEB1590 Convection microwave comes in stainless steel, white, black, and bisque to look good no matter how your kitchen is designed!

Warners’ Stellian is now stocking the GE Convection microwave in all available colors.  No longer will your baking needs be held back by the limits of just one oven. Click here to learn more about the GE PEB1590 convection microwave.

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