Appliance stimulus rebates available again for a limited time

The rush for appliances was so great, we made the news a few times.

Remember the appliance stimulus — sometimes known as Cash For Clunkers Appliances — that happened a couple years ago?

We saw a huge response to the mail-in rebates offered by the state government on refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and washers.

But not everyone got to take advantage of the limited rebates.

And what about those who need new dryers and stoves, too?

So, this year, we created our own appliance stimulus rebates.

Beginning now, you can reserve a Appliance Stimulus Rebate at Warners’ Stellian, good Feb. 25 through March 4.

What’s different?

  • We decided to included non-Energy Star products so people could get rebates things like ranges/stoves, dryers, ovens and cooktops that didn’t qualify for the government appliance rebates – even vacuums
  • You’re not limited to just one rebate, which means you can get up to $1,600 total in rebates. Buy a laundry pair and get rebates on both the washer and dryer (and grab an extra $50 on qualifying pairs!). You are, however, limited to one rebate per appliance category with the exception of cooking; for instance, you can get a rebate on both a cooktop and wall oven.
  • Most major brands are participating, though we can’t offer rebates on UMRP products (see store for details).
  • See more details here

You must register for a rebate online so we can e-mail you a confirmation page. Print it out and present it at any of our 7 Minnesota kitchen showrooms, and we’ll help you get a super good appliance deal on something you’re just going to love putting in your home.

Here we go again!

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