An Extreme recap

I think we’re all pretty tired after our Extreme Warehouse Sale, which happened this Saturday and Sunday. So I’m going to recap this in numbers and pictures.

Saturday 8 a.m.-ish (Thanks for making this our biggest line ever!)

By the numbers

4 a.m.: Time the first customer arrived to stand in line

Our first-in-line customer celebrated as we opened the doors at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

380: Customer groups (whether individual, couple or family) through our doors in the first 15 minutes

20: Dozens of doughnut holes served to customers waiting in line for the doors to open Saturday

Apparently, Jeff Warner said something funny. Or maybe they just want to keep him happy so the cart keeps coming around...

2,350: Total customer groups through our doors

145: Workers (sales, office, warehouse, merchandising, etc.)

The most fun you can have in a warehouse, hands down.

35: Average total orders each checkout worker entered on Saturday

70: Gallons of coffee we went through Saturday and Sunday

16: Total hours of the sale

130: Yards of checkout line (below left),  which warehouse manager Steve Washenberger (below right) pointed out is just shy of what Adrian Peterson had against the Lions on Sunday. The longest wait was about 90 minutes, and we had more than 30 people entering orders as efficiently as possible!

We set lofty goals for this season’s sale. And thanks to everyone who came and took advantage of our deals, we met those goals.

Sales associates, customer service reps, warehouse crew, merchandising department, marketing, HR, accounting — EVERYONE at Warners’ Stellian comes together for our Extreme Warehouse Sale, whether here or at the stores. That’s really the only time we really get to do that.

Everyone’s walking around here a little happier, and we’re definitely stronger than we were on Friday.

Thank you.

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