Don’t Know How To Install Your Air Conditioner?

Letting someone else do the (really) heavy lifting leaves you more time to sip lemon iced tea in your accent chair.

For many living in older homes, townhouses and condos, window air conditioners are a must. But at 45-75 pounds on the low end, a window air conditioning unit could put some major heat on your back — that’s IF you can lift it.

Some of us are good enough at cooking to accrue favors from stronger people who will install our AC unit, though perhaps not as professionally as we would like.

But the real pain comes in when you need to take the window air conditioning unit out.

And we should know. Each fall for years we’ve had customers request a seasonal window air conditioner service plan, so we came up with our No-Sweat Service Plan.

For $89.95, we’ll professionally handle your window air conditioner installation (must be purchased from us).


In the fall, for $89.95 our professional crew will uninstall your window AC, perform a maintenance cleaning on it, move it to wherever you want to store it on your property and reinstall your basic storm windows.

You don’t have to do a darn thing. And that’s cool.




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2 thoughts on “Don’t Know How To Install Your Air Conditioner?

  1. Do you come to Chicago? 🙂

    1. Well, the rule of thumb around here goes that outside of our usual delivery area, it’s about $1/mile. I don’t think you could afford us in Chicago 😉

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