6 kid-friendly kitchen appliance features

The kitchen can become become a second play room with curious children running around. Thankfully, appliance-makers smartly designed features to prevent accidents before you even have a chance to worry about them. therm%20induction

Cool-to-the-touch cooking

Induction cooktops heat only pans, not hands. Because induction cooktops only react to ferrous iron, little helper cooks won’t burn themselves on the element. You can even pull the pan off the cooking surface and touch your palm to it safely.

And because of induction’s high-efficiency and rapid heat capabilities, models are being sold by LG, Electrolux, Wolf, Thermador and more. GE also makes a freestanding range with all-induction burners.

Prescription for safety

Refrigerated prescription drugs could end up next to juice boxes and snacks, which could confuse or tempt your children. 

This Electrolux French-door refrigerator has a twist-to-open utility bin at the top of the right door to keep medication separate from the rest of your food and out of easy reach.


Under(counter) lock and key
Wine and beer don’t have to be out of reach to be out of kids’ hands. Undercounter wine coolers and beverage centers keep your alcoholic drinks at the optimal temperature while door locks keep kids and teens out.

Models with door locks are available at the entry-level, like Avanti’s beverage center to high-end, with Marvel’s wine cooler.

Hands-free food disposer Batch-feed food disposers, like the Insinkerator Evolution Control Cover, operate only when the cover is on. So, the only things ground are chicken fingers, not kids’ fingers.

One-button dinner

mielemasterchefFor busy families, options to save favorite cooking settings can be a godsend at dinnertime. Make-ahead meals make sense when you can enter in the cooking temperature, time and setting and save it to favorites.

For example, after school, older children can pop in a casserole from the fridge and choose the “Casserole” favorite (or “hot dish” if you speak Minnesotan) so the food bakes at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and dinner is ready by the time you get home from work.

Better yet, the Miele MasterChef wall oven comes programmed with settings for common foods like pizza and French fries that dummy-proof the process by helping you select the perfect settings, which can also be saved to favorites.

Favorite options are also found in Electrolux freestanding ranges and Electrolux wall ovens.

No power play

GE includes a control lock on some of its gas cooktops that shuts off gas to prevent it from being turned-on accidentally. When locked, the cooktop will sound if any control knob is set to any position other than “OFF.”

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