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Dyson vacuums on sale this week

April 14, 2011

Dyson vacuums get rave reviews from their owners.

Dyson vacuums’ root cyclone technology captures microscopic dust and the lifetime guaranteed, washable HEPA filter ensures that dust is trapped. That cool ball thing (not the actual name, I’m sure) means you’ll maneuver around the living room furniture cuss word-free.

But they’re pretty expensive compared some of the vacuums we see advertised. Of course, you get what you pay for.

Except for now, that is. You’ll actually pay one-fifth less for what you’re getting.

I don’t usually pump individual sales on this blog, but I think it’s pretty exciting that all Dyson vacuum cleaners are on sale for 20% off through April 17 at Warners’ Stellian.

That’s means you’ll…

Save $80 on DC33, now $319

Save $100 on DC23 Animal canister, now $399

Save $110 on Dyson Animal DC 25 upright, now $439

And more Dyson vacuum models, of course. Plus, vacuums qualify for free shipping.

Would you buy appliances on line with free shipping?

November 3, 2010

Free Appliance DeliveryBelieve it or not, more people are buying appliances online. So much so that Warners’ Stellian dedicates sales associates exclusively to inquiries from online shoppers.

We get calls for appliances from New York to San Diego. Of course, we don’t send our crews out to deliver appliances in San Diego, but we do offer free shipping on appliance orders $1,999 and up.

So you can get free shipping (curbside delivery) on most appliance packages. If it’s in stock, you’ll get in within four to eight business days. And we’ll contact you by phone prior to delivery. Qualifying individual products display this  icon (below) on their product page, just in case.

Though this free shipping deal came about recently, we’ve offered free nationwide shipping on vacuums and accessory orders over $50 for a long time.

Warners’ Stellian’s new pet (vacuum): Dyson Animal

October 13, 2010

Dyson Animal DC25

When I read that the Dyson Animal vacuum was designed for pets, I became very excited (as part of our beefed up vacuum selection, Warners’ Stellian now sells Dyson vacuums), because

A) Pet vacuums offer legitimacy to my animals-with-appliances photo habit (see below right)

2) I know how difficult pet hair can be to remove from carpet and flooring.

(And from the vacuum itself, for that matter. However, the Dyson Animal’s cleaner head design allows scissors in to cut tangled hairs from the brush bar – genius!).

I used to clean a house where three dogs with short, thick hair lived. Cleaning the carpet required multiple vacuum passes, and hairs still stuck deep in the carpet fibers despite my best efforts. Why? Most bagged vacuums lose suction power as you use them.

But Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology always sucks with the same amount of suckiness (which is a lot). >>Read more

Plus, suction alone isn’t enough for stubborn pet hair.

To remedy this, Dyson’s engineers developed a brush bar that will dig into your carpet at speeds of up to 5,400 revolutions per minute without obstructing the airflow.

Dyson vacuum HEPA filters never need replacing, either, because they last a lifetime and were engineered to be easily cleaned at home.

Plus, there are no bags to buy and the Dyson’s bins empty from their bottom quickly and hygienically into your trash can with the pull of a trigger. Allergy and asthma sufferers will appreciate this, as well as the fact that Dyson vacuums are certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

These upright vacuum cleaners are more expensive (we sell the Dyson Animal DC25 for $549.95, but it will last seven to 12 years, and saves the average customer $267 over five years.

For that money, you could add another pet to the family. We sure did :)


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