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So you’re on the waiting list: what now?

March 2, 2010

By this morning, rebate reservations for the Trade-In & Save Program (aka Cash for Appliances) had been exhausted, leaving only spots on the waiting list.

Approximately 6,000 rebates each for washers and dishwashers were reserved either by phone or online as well as of 11,400 for fridges and 2,000 for freezers.

So, you’re on the waiting list: what now?

The process looks exactly the same as the process for an actual rebate reservation, except without a guaranteed rebate. You’ll have 30 days to purchase a qualified appliance, arrange for “Proof of Demanufacturing” if you’re replacing a fridge or freezer and postmark your application materials.

The rebate processor will hold received wait-listed applications is the order they are received by mail. They will be opened in this order as needed as additional funds become available and awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Again, no guarantees and no communication from the State Office of Energy Security or the Department of Commerce, but if you’re going to buy anyway, we have nothing to lose. Right now is certainly the time to buy, with oodles of manufacturers’ rebates and Warners’ Stellian’s own sale prices and instant stimulus rebate.

Our sales staff can help you identify the manufacturers’ rebates on your new appliances, but remember to check for possible rebates from your utility company (see for a complete list of incentives).

Cash for Clunkers appliances includes freezer rebates, too

February 27, 2010

We’ve been getting talked about a lot in the last week now that the appliance stimulus (aka Cash for Clunkers Appliances, aka Dollars for Dishwashers) will begin the rebate reservation process on Monday at 8 a.m.

Even my phone’s been ringing with people who want to know how to get money back for purchasing new Energy Star appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and washers.

Oh, and freezers.

Yup, freezers count, too. Out of the approximately 25,400 rebates available in the state of Minnesota, 1,999 of them are earmarked for those replacing a freezer. I have only gotten one call about a freezer, which leads me to think people might not realize they’re included in this program!

The rebate for replacing a freezer will earn you $100 if you “demanufacture” (fancy word for recycling) your old one or $50 if you just purchase a new one.

Freezers aren’t the most exciting replacement. Usually they’re relegated to a basement or garage or mudroom or something, so you don’t think about it unless it breaks. But even if it’s working, it could be costing you dearly.

A freezer from before 1993 wastes $35 a year in utility costs. A freezer from the 1980s? That’s setting you back $70 in energy costs annually.

Whether you’d like a smaller, chest-style freezer like this 9 cu. ft. model for $399:

Frigidaire Model #FFN09M5HW

Or a larger chest-style freezer like this 15 cu. ft. model for $529.95

Frigidaire Model #FFN15M5HW

For more capacity that you don’t have to defrost, you could step up to an upright-style freezer, 16.6 cu. ft., for $649.95:

Frigidaire Model #GLFH17F8HW

And then there’s our grandaddy-of-them-all freezer: a 20.5 cu. ft. upright-style, frost-free (with the pizza shelf and the ice cream zone…) for $749.95:

Frigidaire Model #GLFH21F8HW

(My mom has this one, being the jellymaker and “It’s on sale, so I’m going to stock up”-type of woman she is. I can’t believe she still hasn’t reached capacity yet.)

Anyways, I think the freezer rebates will last the longest, so you might have a better shot at getting money for one of these than say,  a washing machine.

Here’s how to get a appliance stimulus rebate, in case you missed it.

HOW TO: get an appliance stimulus rebate

February 22, 2010

Get ready…

We think the rebates will go quickly...

The rebate reservation system for Minnesota’s Trade In & Save Program (aka Cash for Appliances/Appliance Stimulus) opens in less than a week!

I’ve compiled this “how to” guide with official info and my own words to help you through the process. Please read it in its entirety to minimize confusion.

1. Beginning 8 a.m. Monday, March 1, reserve a rebate by completing the online application form at or by calling the program’s toll-free number at 1-877-230-9119.

Reservations can be made for one appliance only. Reservations will only be taken for categories (refrigerator, clothes washer, dishwasher or freezer only) with funds still available or if the wait list is open for reservations.

There are only about 11,000 refrigerator rebates; 6,000 rebates each for washers and dishwashers; and 2,000 rebates available for freezers.

2. Print the online application confirmation page. You will need to mail this page after you have completed your purchase with all supporting documents. Phone applicants will receive the application confirmation page by mail.

3. Purchase an eligible ENERGY STAR qualified appliance (browse our selection online, though we carry more than we display online) to replace an existing appliance from a Minnesota retail location. You don’t need to wait to receive your application by mail if you reserved a rebate by phone. You don’t need to bring in your forms at all, actually. Online purchases and purchases made before March 1, 2010 will be disqualified.*

*Our suggestion: shop now. Head to one of our 7 stores (see store locations & contact info) and our sales staff will help you choose the best eligible ENERGY STAR product for your needs and will put what we call a “quote” in our computer system with your product selection and personal information. This is not a purchase, as we’ve taken no payment. If you get your rebate reservation, all you have to do is call your salesperson with your credit card number and schedule delivery.

We anticipate a flood of calls and store visits beginning March 1, so this will hopefully speed up the process for you. We appreciate your patience throughout this process.

4. We will help you arrange to either pick up your appliances or get them delivered (delivery is free to customers in the Twin Cities metro area with a minimum purchase of $499; delivery is free after mail-in rebate to customers in the Rochester area with a minimum purchase of $499) and properly recycle the replaced appliance.

You will receive with your application from the state a “Proof of Demanufacturing” form if you are replacing a refrigerator or freezer. Our delivery crew will sign that when they take away your old appliance. You must submit that form for the increased rebate amounts ($200 for a refrigerator and $100 for a freezer; rebate amounts are half that without “Proof of Demanufacturing” because the state doesn’t want people keeping these units in use).

5. Fill out the submission form completely and make a copy for your records.

6. Mail the required materials within 30 days of the online or phone reservation.

Approved applicants will be receive by mail a rebate check to their residential address, with no exceptions. PO Boxes are not accepted. Rebates are not allowed for commercial endeavors, including owner-occupied rental properties.

Additional incentives

The state rebate can be combined with offers from Warners’ Stellian, manufacturers, utilities, and municipalities.

Warners’ Stellian will be offering an instant $25 rebate on all products eligible for this program, as well as exclusive manufacturers’ rebates.

Combined with possible incentives from your utility (visit this link for specific offers from MN utility companies) and bounty programs (visit this link), the savings can be quite dramatic.

I will take additional questions as much as I am able. Again, we appreciate your patience during this process. We hope that you give us the chance to earn your business.

Good luck!

Cash for Appliances – FAQs about Minnesota’s rebate program

February 1, 2010

Need a new fridge? How about one that comes with $200?

I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing the upcoming appliance stimulus program, which I like to call Cash for Appliances and the State of Minnesota likes to call the “Trade & Save Appliance Program.”

The program’s official site launched today with information about the program. At 8 a.m. March 1, the site will launch a rebate reservation module.

To keep yourself busy until then, consider my frequently asked questions. Add your own questions in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.

If you rely on e-mail reminders to keep from missing important events, you’ll love our Appliance Stimulus E-mail Alerts. We’ll make sure you get the best shot at getting a rebate. E-mail with the subject SUBSCRIBE.

What appliances qualify for a rebate?

How many rebates will be available?

What is Energy Star?

Aren’t all new appliances energy-efficient?

Do I have to spend a certain amount to get a rebate?

How will I receive the rebate?

Are there income limits?

How much money can I get?

When does the program start?

How do I sign up?

How long does the program run?

What if rebate funds run out for the appliance category I want to buy?

Can I get a rebate on a previous appliance purchase?

Is there a limit of rebates per household?

Can I get these rebates in conjunction with rebates from my utility/municipality?

Can renters/rental property owners receive a rebate?

Do I have to turn in my old appliance to be eligible for a rebate?

Why can’t I get a rebate for buying a new dryer or stove?

Where can I buy an appliance to get my rebate?

Do you haul away/recycle my old appliances?

How long will it take to get my rebate?

Why are there two rebate amounts listed under refrigerators and freezers?

Will retailers have the forms I need?

Who administers the rebates?

What appliances qualify for a rebate?

Energy Star-labeled refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and clothes washers will be eligible for a rebate.

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How many rebates will be available?

Approximately 25,450 rebates will be available:

  • 6,035 clothes washers ($200 rebate)
  • 6,005 dishwashers ($150 rebate)
  • 1,999 freezers ($100 rebate with purchase and “proof of demanufacturing”; $50 for purchase only)
  • 11,411 refrigerators ($200 rebate with purchase and “proof of demanufacturing”; $100 for purchase only)

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What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is the government labeling system that helps consumers identify the most energy-efficient products, including appliances. Learn more at

Your sales associate will be trained on the requirements of the program and can help you select an Energy Star appliance that qualifies for a rebate and fits your specific needs.

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Aren’t all new appliances energy-efficient?

To some degree, yes. The federal government holds all new appliances to certain standards. Energy Star labels appliances that go a specific percentage above and beyond that standard, depending on appliance category.

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Do I have to spend a certain amount to get a rebate?


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How will I receive the rebate?

After going through the rebate reservation process and the rebate submission process, you will receive a check in the mail in approximately 30 days.

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Are there income limits?


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How much money can I get?

Households are limited to one rebate, which max out at $200 for a clothes washer or refrigerator with proof that the old refrigerator has been properly recycled. Customers can receive a $150 rebate for a dishwasher or $100 for a freezer with proof of recycling.

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When does the program start?

A rebate reservation website will launch at 8 a.m. CST, March 1, 2010, at which time you can also call 1-877-230-9119.

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How do I sign up?

Beginning 8 a.m. March 1, 2010, you can reserve a rebate on the program’s Web site ( or call a program-specific phone number (1-877-230-9119).

You will need to know what category of appliance (i.e. refrigerator) you will be purchasing.

If funds are available in the category you’ve selected, you will print submission forms (including proof of recycling forms if you’re purchasing a refrigerator or freezer and would like to get the full rebate amount), which carry your unique submission code.

You will have 30 days to purchase, recycle and submit the application forms by mail. Thirty days will be determined by postmark date of forms mailed.

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How long does the program run?

The rebate program will run until March 31, 2010, or until funds are exhausted.

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What if rebate funds run out for the appliance category I want to buy?

A limited amount of people will be placed on a waiting list, by appliance category (i.e. clothes washers).

People placed on the waiting list will need to make a purchase and submit rebate forms as well and could receive a rebate, should another person with a rebate reservation not submit their forms within 30 days or submit forms with an egregious error. Rebates will be awarded to those on the waiting list who’s forms have been received on first-come, first-served system.

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Can I get a rebate on a previous appliance purchase?

No, rebates won’t apply to purchases made previous to March 1.

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Is there a limit of rebates per household?

Yes. Rebates are limited to one per household.

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Can I get these rebates in conjunction with rebates from my utility/municipality?

Yes. Rebates can be received in addition to any other incentives being offered. See the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency for additional rebates offered in Minnesota.

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Can renters/rental property owners receive a rebate?

No. Only residential homeowners will qualify for a rebate. Commercial use won’t qualify for the program. See the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency for additional rebates offered for multihousing properties and commercial applications in Minnesota.

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Do I have to turn in my old appliance to be eligible for a rebate?

You will be asked to self-certify the recycling of your old washer or dishwasher according to state laws and regulations. Customers who properly recycle refrigerators and freezers can double their rebates from $100 and $50, respectively, to $200 and $100.

The program was designed to take older, inefficient appliances off the energy grid.

Plus, old refrigerators cost A LOT of money to run, so it’s probably not worth it to your energy bill and your conscience.

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Why can’t I get a rebate for buying a new dryer or stove?

Currently, Energy Star only rates refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, clothes washers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and water coolers. Appliance categories such as dryers don’t vary significantly enough from one to another in energy use to be differentiated.

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Where can I buy an appliance to get my rebate?

You must purchase from a Minnesota retailer to qualify for a rebate.

We think you should buy from Warners’ Stellian.

The rebate program is designed to stimulate the local industry. Purchasing from a locally owned, independent retailer such as Warners’ Stellian ensures the most of your dollar stays within the state:

When you spend $1 at a local independent, an average of 68 cents is recirculated into the local economy. In contrast, when you spend $1 at a national chain, only about 43 cents stays at home. If Twin Cities consumers shift even 10% of their spending from chains to locals for one day, the Twin Cities economy gains some $2 million.

We are also an official program partner organization with an expert knowledge of the program. We’ll make the process painless for you.

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Do you haul away/recycle my old appliances?

Yes. We always recycle appliances one-for-one with minimum purchase ($499), and we’ll make the delivery, installation and recycling (or “demanufacturing”) process painless for you. You can trust our professional crews in your own home.

Make sure to keep your proof of demanufacturing form for our delivery crew to sign at time of delivery.

Back to top

How long will it take to get my rebate?

You will receive a check by mail within approximately 30 days after your rebate submission forms are received.

Back to top

Why are two rebate amounts listed under refrigerators and freezers?

The “proof of demanufacturing” is required to earn 100% of the rebate on either of these two appliances and can be signed by any party picking up an appliance who certifies that it will be taken off the grid and turned over to an appropriate recycler ensuring the appliance will be fully decommissioned and the CFCs recycled.

This is to incent consumers to turn over their old working refrigerator or freezer instead of keeping it or reselling it.

Back to top

Will retailers have the forms I need?

No. Retailers can’t print or fill out any forms for you because your rebate reservation carries a unique submission code.

Back to top

Who is administering these rebates?

The program, part of the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is run on the state level by the Office of Energy Security.

Back to top

Customers who properly recycle refrigerators and freezers can double their rebates from $100 and $50, respectively, to $200 and $100.

Did you see that freezer running through St. Paul?

January 25, 2010

Yea…that was me.

I ran the Securian Frozen Half Marathon (part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival) in a homemade freezer costume on Saturday. The route was 13.1 miles. I finished at a leisurely 2:10:55, which is an even 10-minute mile pace.

Yes, the costume slowed me down a bit. It was pretty windy and that wide box dragged like a kite! But it was a blast, and as one runner I ran with for a while on Saturday noted, everyone kind of embraced me.

If you can't tell from the goofy smile on my face, I'm having lots of fun -- though uncomfortable fun.

I got lots of encouraging, “Go Warners!” cheers or “Yeah, dishwasher!” and of course, “You’re crazy!” Plus, I think a lot of people used me as motivation; I heard several times that morning, “Don’t get beat by a washer” by groups making a push up the line.

And the weather held up; It didn’t rain as much as expected, and it was a balmy 35 degrees.

I definitely got really hot running in that darn felt box for 2 hours.

We made the freezer costume out of cardboard and felt,with a sign for the “inside” of the freezer that said “I’m freezin.” I didn’t figure out how to put arm holes in it, so I just ran with my arms inside.

A big thanks to my good friend Kelly Farley (in the video, you can hear me cite her "shameless plug" idea on the back of the costume) for her help in constructing the costume and making the video.

I think I’ll be back next year, and I’m open to suggestions on what to wear then. Thanks to everyone at the Winter Carnival for such a fun, St. Paul-esque event!

Refrigerator seal & fridge maintenance

January 13, 2010

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Some people spend as much money on a kitchen as they do a car, yet expect to do no maintenance.

Would you be surprised if your truck engine overheated if you never changed the oil or refilled the coolant? Most also expect to rotate and replace tires and wiper blades.

You might not have spent 13 grand-something on a fridge, but I’m sure you plunked down a good amount. Here are some maintenance tips to help get your return on that investment. See my previous post,  “Ice maker troubleshooting.”

Moisten your gasket

Gasket, seal, "rubber thing" -- whatever you call it, keep it moistened. (Image courtesy Charles & Hudson)

A small amount of condensation on the fridge or freezer is normal, especially during humid weather and summer vacation, if you have kids who don’t know how to keep the refrigerator doors shut.

If you see more condensation than normal, check the seal (or gasket as we appliance nerds call it) for any obstructions and clear them. If there aren’t any, try moistening the gasket with Vaseline. Seriously, it works. If you don’t have any petroleum jelly, I’ve used Neosporin in a pinch (What won’t that stuff do, honestly?).

After applying a thin layer of Vaseline, organize your fridge. It doesn’t have anything to do with the seal, per se, but it will help you find what you need faster, meaning the door won’t be open as long. If Warners’ Stellian installed your fridge, we leveled it to tilt slightly back to encourage the doors to swing shut.

If someone else installed your fridge, consider leveling it in a similar way.

To raise the front of the cabinet, use the front roller leveling screws. To lower the back of the cabinet, use the rear roller leveling screws, if available, on your model.

Clean your coils

New refrigerators have self-cleaning condensers. But if you have an old fridge, you might still have coils that need to be cleaned once or twice a year. Some fancy vacuum cleaners have attachments to suit this purpose. But otherwise, you’ll have to get a coil brush from an appliance parts store.

(If you find yourself driving to an appliance parts store to buy a coil brush, make a detour and buy a new fridge instead because yours is pretty darn old. The energy grid will thank you.)

To clean the coils, remove the base grille and use the brush or vacuum attachment to clean it, the open areas behind the grille, and the front surface area of the condenser.

If you have pets or hairy, shedding family members, take care that the area around the refrigerator stays clear to ensure proper heat exhaust. Otherwise, that thing will be running all the time.

Change the water filter

If you have a water dispenser, you likely have a water filter. Replace it every six months or take direction from your indicator light, if you have one. Or, if odor and odd taste don’t cramp your style, stretch the life of it. But seriously, beyond water quality, an old water filter can cause sediment to build up and cause problems.

There are probably seven different types of water filters. Yours is either is the top back corner of the interior, down in the kick plate, or along the top interior of the fridge. ALWAYS bring your filter into the store when you’re replacing it because we don’t necessarily know the type a filter goes with a model number we looked up in your order from two years ago. We can guess, but it’s still a guess.

After replacing the filter, flush the air from the water system (see how to purge air from the water system animation – though 4 gallons seems like overkill) to prevent dripping from the dispenser.

Defrost your freezer?

Your freezer is probably “frost-free,” meaning it defrosts itself. You may have purchased an all-freezer unit that is manual defrost for storing foods long-term, but that’s another blog post (or e-mail me).

Just take care to clean your fridge and freezer every month.

Your turn: What did I miss?

Share your tips in the comments.

MN residents: You can get WI stimulus money — now!

January 5, 2010

"Wisconsin Welcomes You" get our state stimulus money!

It seems strange, but stick with me here. If you are a Minnesota resident with a second home or cabin in Wisconsin, you also qualify for Wisconsin’s appliance stimulus rebate for appliances you purchase for that property.

Call our Woodbury store at (651)714-9790 to order. We deliver free to Hudson with a $499 purchase and to several other Wisconsin cities for $49.95. Other deliveries can be negotiated, and we ship appliances nationwide.

Wisconsin’s program began Jan. 1. Here are the details of the program, as they differ greatly from Minnesota’s program (which doesn’t start until probably March 1):

  • With mail-in application, rebates available on Energy Star-rated
  • Limited amount of rebates available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Purchases cannot be made before Jan. 1
  • Applications must be submitted with proof of purchase within 30 days
  • Unlike in MN, rebates aren’t limited to one per household
    • Additional rebates government/utility co. rebates can be found at (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency)
  • Refrigerators and freezers must be recycled to qualify for a rebate (many utility companies have programs instituted for appliance recycling)
  • Rebates only offered on existing homes, not new construction

If the program runs out of money before February 2012 (I would be shocked if it didn’t), Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy — which is administering the program — will announce a new end date. From its website: “All qualified purchases made prior to the program end date and submitted within the required time frame will receive a Cash-Back Reward.” Allow 6-8 days to receive a check.
Photo Credit: / CC BY 2.0

Minnesota’s appliance stimulus rebate program approved

December 15, 2009

The U.S. Department of Energy finally approved Minnesota’s “Trade In & Save Appliance Program” (aka Dollars for Dishwashers, Cash for Appliances, etc.) with a target start date of March 10, 2010.

Part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the program will offer approximately 25,000 rebates for consumers who buy an Energy Star-rated replacement for the following appliances:

Energy Star appliances use 20 percent less energy than the standard model. As shown above, refrigerators and freezers must be recycled to receive the full rebate amount. The reason for this is to encourage consumers to take these energy-suckers completely off the grid, rather than using them as spares or selling them. A fridge purchased in the 1990s carries more than double the energy costs of a new Energy Star model.

Warners’ Stellian recycles (and delivers) appliances for free with minimum purchase ($499).

Rebates are limited to one per household and cannot be applied to previous purchases. Check the Energy Star Web site and the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) for additional rebates.

Don’t overlook the money saved by replacing sooner. A refrigerator, washer and dishwasher bought in the ’90s cost $207 more per year in utility costs than current, energy-efficient models.

Warners’ Stellian has officially partnered with the state Office of Energy Security to offer in-kind services that help keep administrative costs down to ensure the maximum amount of rebates for the approximately $5 million our state will receive.

Sign up for our “Cash for Appliances” e-mail list and we’ll keep you informed of the latest state and federal news about the rebate program.

To sign up, simply e-mail me at with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Want Dollars for Dishwashers?

November 17, 2009

Though it lacks a pithy catchall like Cash for Clunkers, the Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program — or Cash for Appliances as I like to call it — is close to being approved for the state of Minnesota.

Administered by the state Department of Energy Security, the program likely will offer one rebate per household while supplies last of $100-$200 for the purchase of a qualifying appliance beginning around March 2010 (or later; it was first expected to begin this fall!)

Qualifying appliances mean Energy Star-rated models of refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers and dishwashers. So waiting until March to replace your stove, microwave or dryer is NOT smart. Though, neither is waiting in general.

You’re thinking, “I bought my kitchen only 12 (or something) years ago. It can’t be that bad!”

Consider this: A refrigerator, washer and dishwasher bought in the 1990s cost an average $207 more per year in utility costs than current, energy-efficient models.

A washer purchased in this decade still costs an average of nearly 3x more to run than a 2009 Energy Star model.

So in the months waiting, you’re actually spending more money, not saving it.

Brands like Frigidaire are offering up to $150 in Energy Star rebates, which end in November. And many utility companies already offer incentives to replace your appliances with Energy Star models. For example, Shakopee Public Utilities offers $60 to replace a dishwasher and $65 for refrigerators, freezers and washers.

$150 + $60 + ($65 x 3) = $405 in rebates.

See DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency) for a full list of residential incentives.

The state was granted about $5 million from the federal government for the program, and about $400,000 of that will be used towards administration, such as rebate processing. So only an estimated 25,000 rebates will be available.

Warners’ Stellian and other retailers were asked to commit our own in-kind funds for serivices like consumer education, which is exactly what you see going on here.

If you’d like to receive news alerts related to the Cash for Appliances program, e-mail with the subject SUBSCRIBE.


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