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Friday links: We’re fun, beautiful and cheap (this weekend, at least)!

November 13, 2009

You only get three links this Friday. I’m saving my energy for writing up orders at tomorrow’s Extreme Warehouse Sale.

‘How dare you call my family member beautiful!’

Tom Barnard and crew at 92-KQRS Morning Show, which apparently we sponsored the other day, referenced past experiences with Mr. Warner (aka my dad) before the conversation inevitably turned to Carla — who is always a good sport. We got a kick out of it, so you might too.

Listen here: WarnerChat-KQ92

Deal Spotter: Weekend sales

After getting a preview tour of our Extreme Warehouse Sale on Wednesday, Star Tribune columnist John Ewoldt included us in his latest blog post. (Notice the $15 off Facebook coupon plug. Actually, don’t just notice it. Go after it!)

Kitchen Design Notes And Experiences

A favorite blogger of mine, kitchen designer Susan Serra, shared real-life scenarios to drive home the fact that you should NEVER stop asking questions during the design process or else…

(“Or else what?”)

Or else you’ll end up with an unreturnable built-in fridge — that’s what!

Extreme(ly excited) Warehouse Sale

November 9, 2009

It’s finally here: the week of our Extreme Warehouse Sale.

I would say that people here get way too excited about this sale, but I think customers’ past experiences here would justify our enthusiasm.


President Jeff Warner serves coffee from a beverage backpack to the est. 200-300 people who waited in line for our doors to open before March's sale.

Our crew is working like crazy to turn our warehouse into a showroom where more than 2,000 appliances will be offered at insane prices this Saturday and Sunday.

We went down there and took some pictures of the progress Friday and posted them to Facebook, but we won’t finish getting the floor models, closeouts, blemished items, etc. from our store locations until Wednesday.


And then, our team still will be pricing until about 1 a.m. Saturday — chowing White Castle sliders, as tradition holds — to get everything ready for the thousands of deal-shoppers who will walk through the doors this weekend.

Fans of our Facebook page and our followers on Twitter will get exclusive coupons, so join up! We rely on your help to spread the word to all your family and friends to continuing making this biannual sale a possibility — and helping people get some bragworthy finds in the process.

Here’s a video of last year’s fall sale, which is already much smaller than the sale we’re having this weekend:


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