Got Connexus or Dakota Electric?


I’m still amazed on how hot and bothered Minnesotans got about getting a rebate check for buying an appliance last spring. Not that it wasn’t a good deal, but there are tons of good deals if you’re paying attention.

Like this:

Starting today, you could get up to $200 of instant appliance savings from your electricity company if you use:

  • Connexus Energy
  • Dakota Electric
  • Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric
  • Goodhue County Cooperative Electric Association
  • Itasca-Mantrap Cooperative Electrical Association
  • Lake Region Electric Cooperative

With the Warners’ Stellian coupon provided by these electric companies (distributed in bills, bill envelopes or newsletters), you’ll get $125 off an ENERGY STAR refrigerator and $75 off an ENERGY STAR clothes washer.

Plus, you’ll get free delivery if your purchase is $499 and above (this applies more to those living outside the Twin Cities metro, where we always offer free appliance delivery!).

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